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Don’t let Influencer Marketing influence your budgets

I’ll keep it short. I value your time.

It’s great to have enough budgets to accommodate influencers in your marketing strategy. The more the merrier, you feel. But one has to know that the primary objective or expectation from an influencer video or activity is ‘pure reach’.

If you’re expecting influencers to bring in ROI and put your profit charts on steroids, don’t. I truly appreciate the efforts of all influencers, big & small, in creating their niches and fan base.  But since you’re going to spend a part of your marketing budget, here are a few checks you can perform:

– Average number of likes for the past 10 posts/reels
– Average number of comments for the past 10 posts/reels
– Did they recently tie up with a competitor or similar product/service?

Now imagine the same budget for a targeted, CPM campaign. It will give you an equal, if not more, reach with focus on your primary targets. So if the influencer is bringing in real good content, your budget is justified. Else, compare it with a CPM campaign where content is completely in your hands.

There’s a lot to digital marketing. Brotards, a creative + digital agency, helps you optimize your budgets and are a friendly bunch to talk to. Wish to fix a date?

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