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6 hacks to crack powerful headlines

One writes headlines every day in the digital marketing world: be it on social media, websites, blogs, WhatsApp messages, YouTube headers, emails to clients, etc. So here are 6 absolutely simple tips to moonwalk out of a creative block & write powerful, impactful headlines.

For case purposes, let’s take an example of a ‘shoe’ brand.

1. Jog Your Memory & Experience
It pays to observe situations in your daily life and add them to your memory. Your memory power can actually rescue you when you need compelling headlines.
Think of the product/service you are writing about and then think of real-life situations around the product.

“Shoes that make you reach work faster” or “Cheap shoes are actually expensive. Ask your spine!”

2. Questions
Probably the easiest way out is to turn the entire idea into a question. Try it, it works wonders and might save you time for that extra chitchat. No explanation is required here.

Writing a headline for a new shoe brand —> “Why waste money on a new pair of shoes?”

And bam! You’re up for a cool, witty copy that follows.

3. Incomplete sentences
Generating curiosity is also an engaging way to hold on to your reader’s attention. Incomplete sentences, if properly written, can drive maximum eyeballs to the next sentence/ part.

“These shoes might be harmful for…” OR “These shoes can’t even…”

4. Numbers/ Stats
One of the most popular formats used in the industry for centuries. You can insert a number related to the topic in the sentence, breaking the ‘textual’ monotony of a headline. Or include a strong statistic/ percentage that is enticing enough.

“77% of athletes prefer these shoes”

5. Reverse Psychology
You need a lot of emotional insights to play this right. In just a few words, you should have the power to shake one’s ego (or at least make them blink their eyes in disbelief while reading)

“Meant only for the elite.”

6. Word Play/ Quirky
First, think of any element of your product/service. Then rhyme it to make some sense or integrate the same into a popular quote. Give it a try, it takes some time but with practice, the results will bowl you over.

“May your sole rest in peace”

There are other ways too, to crack creative headlines and craft some beautiful advertising. Get in touch if you have a project for us. We are Brotards, a creative + digital marketing agency.

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